What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Day is a romantic holiday known for the day that people celebrate their love. On February 14th, Valentines day is held and has been a long standing tradition in the United States. If you have a significant other, you had better not forget them on this day because you will definitely hear about it. This is the day to show that you really love that special person of yours and so it is the day of gift giving.

The gift you want to give is up to you, jewelry, chocolates, teddy bears are just some of the typical gifts that are exchanged on Valentines Day. I remember as a child that it was customary to exchange cards with fellow classmates. Cards were exchanged between classmates and they are these small cards that you would put in a little mailbox. Sometimes you would get small candy hearts in your box, but the point is that Valentines Day was made fun for us kids who were a little young to be in relationships of a romantic nature but could still partake in the holiday. Also, even though I was a child, I would often get gifts and candy from my mother for Valentines day also. However , the date is still for lovers and those in romantic relationships.

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Valentines Day got it’s name from Saint Valentine, for whom the holiday is named after. Although the exact story behinds Valentines day is still not known, what is known is that a Saint named Valentine died as a martyr sometime before the middle ages and might have written a love letter to a girl he was in love with and signed it “from your Valentine”, which could be where we get that saying from today.

Another good reason to have Valentines day, or a day for love in February, other than the fact that he supposedly died on February 14th, is the fact that springtime is also associated with love. A lot of holidays, like Christmas , for example, are designed around the seasons. Spring is supposed to be the time of love because all the flowers are budding (Valentines Day is heavy on the flowers), and it is a perfect time for little animals to start breeding. In fact, there are a lot of people who have birthdays in November because of Valentines Day. Valentines Day is a great holiday.

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