Why Flowers for Valentines Day?

Why are flowers such a good idea for Valentines Day? Well, for one thing, roses , especially red ones have a special meaning. They symbolize love. White represents purity and innocence and yellow roses typically represent that you care and are a sign of friendship.

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The reasons that flowers are good for Valentines Day are many. Not only are the roses a representation of love, but flowers bloom in the springtime when Valentines Day is held. Valentines Day always occurs on February 14th, in the Spring, giving flowers makes much more sense now than giving flowers for Christmas which is in the wintertime, or on Halloween , which is in the fall when a lot of plants are dying. A lot of holidays are actually designed around the seasons. Take Christmas and Thanksgiving for example, there are gifts being exchanged and feasting going on. That’s because the weather of those times are cold and people are at home having to live off of the stored food that they created in the warmer seasons. To give gifts makes sense, and feasting makes sense because people would survive winters better if they had a bit more fat on them. So don’t feel too guilty for packing on the pounds in the winter time.

Send Her Flowers

Women have always loved flowers too. They smell good and are delicate, they look pretty and represent life. The actual flower is a structure that is for reproduction, so it really goes well with Valentines Day, which is a day that many people have been conceived.    Flowers take a lot of time to grow, so it was much harder to get flowers in olden days, unless you knew where to pick them. Growing flowers takes time, patience and an ability to nurture the flower throughout it’s life. Roses are especially hard to grow, and people grow them competitively. From olden times the red rose has been a symbol of love , so giving one to your girl is a great idea.

Flowers can be expensive or inexpensive depending on what type you get. You could get her the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, for over 250,000 dollars, it’s one of the world’s most expensive flowers. A nice bouquet of red roses should set you back anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars. You could get her a single red rose for around 5 bucks, it’s up to you, but remember to tell her that your love won’t wilt like the rose

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